Get traffic to your website

How to get an increase of traffic to your website – Questions and answers.

How do I get traffic to my website?

It’s a question asked by many who are starting out in the world of internet marketing. It’s a question with multiple answers all of which are dependant on how long you can wait for results and how much you have to spend.

Get traffic to your website with search engine optimisation (SEO)

This is your first port-of-call and should be given upmost priority regardless of other methods you may be considering. SEO will make or break your website, afterall if you can’t get found you won’t make a dime.

The are countless guides on the internet about SEO and I won’t go into detail here as this should be done before you consider advertising. To be search engine friendly you have to make sure your most common search term or keyword is your header/title and subheaders on your index page. The more times you repeat this phrase or keyword the more chance you will be found. Don’t mistake this for spamming though, be constructive how you impliment it!

Get Traffic Website Rating 10/10 – SEO is rule number 1 on how to get traffic to your website, do it or kiss sales goodbye!

My website is fully optimised for search engines, how do I get traffic fast?

The fastest but most costly way to get traffic to your website is by using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. If you have a product that converts well and your landing page is fully optimised then you will benefit instantly from the spike of traffic. It is important to determine how many visitors you will need to cover your PPC cost and make profit. With PPC depending on the keyword used it could cost you $1000 to get 500 visitors. Lets say typically you know only 3% convert to a sale, then that’s only 15 Sales. If your 15 sales only make you a total of $500 profit then you are $500 short and its obvious you have made a substantial loss. A simple test to find out if you would profit in the long term would be to run a low daily budget of less than $20 on your adwords campaign for a a few days to quickly determine your conversion rate.

Get Traffic Website Rating 7/10 – Adwords is great if you can afford to “buy” in your customers.

Are there any other cheaper or more efficient methods to get traffic to my website?

There are plenty of other and sometimes more efficient ways to get traffic but they will take both time and hard work. Be prepared to wait a few weeks or even months to get the influx of visitors you desire with the following methods. Using blogging software. If you have a good product or website then blog about it! This can be done standalone but should be done even if you decide to go the PPC route. Why blogging? Because its simple, effective and best of all its free! The top blogging sites at the moment are wordpress and Within minutes of setting up an account you can have the basis of your blog up, running and published! The simplicity of using these tools is astounding and if done right can have your site ranking high amongst the search engines. Simply create posts about your products, either as reviews or testimonials and make sure you link to your website. Once your blogs have been published and are appearing on the search engines then the rank of your site will increase due to the back links. The higher you rank the more visitors can find you. Blogging tip. Choose a long tail keyword for the name of your blog. For example if your website sold wedding dresses then use the google external keyword tool to search for appropriate keywords with less competiton but still a high search volume, such as petite wedding dress or backless wedding dress. Make sure you use that keyword right through your blog in the titles and subtitles. Make a blog post for each keyword related to your product or niche.

Get Traffic Website Rating 8/10 – The best way to get traffic if your on a tight budget.

Using Internet classifieds to get traffic to your website

Another excellent method to get traffic to your website would be by using the various Internet classified directories. They are normally free to advertise in if you are promoting a non commercial website. For the insertion of your business or affiliate links in your advert you will have to upgrade your membership. The benefits of doing so outweigh any doubts if you are serious about driving traffic to your site.

To advertise your site just create an advert in the same way you would create a blog for self promotion. Choose various low competition “long tail” (phrase of 3 or 4) keywords as your headings and write a short review or testimonial on the product or site you want to promote. Include your links and your away.

The biggest and best classifieds directory on the Internet is UsFreeAds. Google is in love with UsFreeAds at the moment and any adverts you create will be indexed in the search engines in a matter of days. The potential for this is unparalleled, I initially joined as a free member which allowed me to have two separate adverts running at any one time, as this was quite limited I soon upgraded to the premium membership which allowed me to create unlimited adverts and also insert as many affiliate links and back linksĀ  as I wanted.

If you think of each advert as a “mini-site” pointing to your domain or affiliate product you can appreciate how powerful this can be. I have used UsFreeAds for the last 5 years and as a tool for site promotion and driving traffic there is nothing else that can touch it. The premium membership at UsFreeAds is only $9.99 a month and its almost a sin not to go for it.

Get Traffic Website Rating 9/10 – Unlimited mini websites for $9.99 a month, google loves it and so should you! Join UsFreeAds now

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